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Our corporate functions underpin everything we do. We depend on their expertise, insight, and advice to help us drive through the decisions that will make a lasting impact on our business.

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To find out how our energy can become your opportunity, explore our roles.

New Business Development

Our ambitions are opening up a world of opportunity for collaboration and business growth. Part of this is about pinpointing which investments will make the most difference to our organization.

These departments make up New Business Development:

  • The Origination & Evaluation Department works with our upstream and downstream business areas to develop prospects around infrastructure and services.
  • Once identified, our Structuring & Venturing Department deals with any new business ventures that lie outside our traditional core operations.
  • The Localization & Clusters Department uses our goods and services procurement to create new domestic manufacturing and services enterprises.
  • The Saudi Aramco Entrepreneurship Centre (AEC) supports entrepreneurs with training, research and networking opportunities, as well as small-scale venture capital investments, including business incubators and small and medium enterprises.
  • Our Saudi Aramco Energy Ventures (SAEV) team’s mission is to source and develop relationships with strategically significant and innovative energy technology companies.

Join us here and you’ll use your business understanding and financial expertise to provide the advice that highlights where our venture capital will bring the most benefits – creating business and investment for Saudi Arabia, and jobs for our people. Not only will this give you exposure to the big projects you’ve been looking for, you’ll be working alongside some of the brightest minds in business, which will give you the perfect platform to progress your career.

investments Since its inception, AEC has approved 38 loans and 14 venture capital investments.


As part of an ever-expanding global organization, our Law Department’s remit includes a wide range of highly specialized subject matter. Covering everything from commercial transactions, investment structuring, joint ventures, and mergers and acquisitions activities to intellectual property, regulatory compliance, tax, international trade, arbitration, and litigation, the sheer variety of transactions and projects is incredible.

And, as you may imagine, with our operations set to grow into new business areas and territories, the opportunity for you to work on an ever more complex, challenging caseload is only set to increase.

Corporate Planning

Corporate Planning sits at the heart of Aramco’s decision-making – influencing at the very highest levels across Upstream and Downstream, playing a critical role in the strategic direction of our business and transforming that strategy into action. It also acts as a trusted advisor to Corporate Management.

The core function of Corporate Planning is to advise Saudi Aramco’s management team and guide our other departments on key issues that affect our business. These include global energy markets and outlook, economic evaluations, oil pricing, macroeconomic outlook, and international energy policies and regulations.

Industry-leading experts within Corporate Planning analyze the markets in which we operate and, by establishing our production outlook and price assumptions for crude oil, gas and refined products, identify challenges and opportunities. In essence, Corporate Planning is at the vanguard of all that’s planned and current in the business as we strive to become the world’s leading integrated energy and chemicals company by 2020.

Whether you’re dealing with global energy markets and outlook, economic evaluations, oil pricing, macroeconomic outlook, and international energy policies and regulations, a role in Corporate Planning will see you making a lasting impact on a leading global organization. Acting as the prime source of economic expertise within our company, you’ll have the chance to test your skills on large-scale and far-reaching strategies that will change the way we carry out our business, and the world views our organization.

Human Resources

Our ambitious business strategy is set to push us into ever more markets across the globe. This expansion means HR will have a critical role to play. Not only in attracting and developing the talent we need, but also in fostering our strong value-based culture to ensure that all employees are treated fairly and consistently, wherever they work. A tall order in a business that employs over 60,000 employees in industries from aviation and shipping through to marketing and retail, as well as exploration, refining, and chemicals.

Join us at this exciting stage in our journey and, as well as supporting this transformation, you’ll play your part in realizing our corporate HR strategy, which is focused on five key priorities:

  • Strategic workforce planning: Helping forecast talent demands
  • Performance culture: Creating a merit-based culture.
  • Leadership development: Building a new generation of leaders.
  • Employer of choice: Enhancing our Employment Value Proposition.
  • Organizational agility: Creating an agile, responsive, and customer-focused organization.

In this way you’ll help redefine HR as a true strategic partner to our business.

We employ over 60,000 people. This is expected to rise considerably by 2020.


The Finance organization at Saudi Aramco plays a lead role by analyzing all key business decisions relating to everything from crude oil and refined products sales to payment for contractors and vendors, employee compensation and benefits, and asset management.

Join our pool of highly motivated and talented people helping to deliver higher-return investments, make the most of our resources, and pinpoint the areas where we can improve and grow.

On July 2, 2014, our Aramco Overseas Company (AOC) subsidiary announced its largest overseas investment to date, agreeing to purchase the Hanjin Group’s entire stake in S-OIL, comprising 31.9 million shares.

Information Technology

As we move forward, our commitment to building and managing an enterprise-wide information environment that easily gets the right information, to the right person, at the right time, and at minimum cost, will put you – and the IT team – at the center of our entire business.

So for those with IT experience and ambition, a huge opportunity awaits; the opportunity to not just work with the technology, but to create, develop and implement it across a leading, global organization.

Training & Development

Our vision isn’t just about expanding our business. It’s about expanding the opportunities we give our people – giving them access to training and development and preparing them to become the experts of the future.

A career in Industrial Training at Saudi Aramco gives you the chance to inspire our next generation of workers, ensuring they’re trained to the very highest of standards while maintaining your own expertise at the cutting edge of industry technology.

Office Services

Our secretaries enjoy busy and varied days, supporting the organization with essential administrative duties that will help us to maintain our high service levels.

Everything you need to know about our hiring process.

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